Who We Are

International Arts Leaders Team (SIL)
  • Trevor Schuh - International Coordinator
  • Brian Schrag - International (Arts Consultant)
  • Julie Taylor - Eurasia and International (Senior Arts Consultant)
  • Chris Gassler - Africa (EthnoArts Coordinator | Arts Consultant)
  • Mary Hendershott - Africa 
  • Todd Saurman - Asia (EthnoArts Coordinator | Senior Arts Consultant) 
  • Mary Beth Saurman – Asia (EthnoArts Coordinator | Senior Arts Consultant)
  • Robin Harris – Eurasia and International (Arts Consultant | CEWA Director)
  • Justin Randolph - Eurasia (EthnoArts Coordinator |Arts Consultant)
  • Paul Kuivinen - Eurasia 
  • Harry Harm – Signed Languages (prpttccnsltnt.wordpress.com) 
  • Linda Hubel - Americas
  • Lucy Rogers - Pacific (EthnoArts Coordinator)
  • Matt Menger - South-Islands Asia (EthnoArts Coordinator | Arts Consultant)
  • Cory Cummins - International (CEWA Office Manager)

More Partners and Friends
EthnoArts Communities of Practice in SIL

International CoP 
  • Organized by Dallas Arts Energizing Office
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Purpose: 
  • Contact: Cory Cummins, arts@sil.org
Africa CoP
  • Organized by: Chris Gassler, SIL Africa EthnoArts Coordinator
  • Purpose: a forum for staff involved in EthnoArts activities, to discuss how best to effectively implement domain-relevant training, tools and resources within entities and partner environments in order to move forward the work we are involved in. We also focus on innovations, opportunities and capacity needs, and actively link with all other domains and International.
  • Contact: chris_gassler@sil.org
Asia CoP
  • Organized by Matt Menger, Arts Consultant
  • Purpose: Please contact Matt if interested in joining!
  • Contact: matt_menger@sil.org
Eurasia CoP
  • Organized by Justin Randolph, SIL Eurasia EthnoArts Coordinator
  • Purpose: to gather anyone interested in incorporating arts into their projects. We support one another through times of sharing, brainstorming, and offering insight. Sometimes we hear from special guest speakers or highlight one of our members’ current work. We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 12:30pm U.K. time. Please contact Justin Randolph to be added to our google group to be informed of upcoming meetings.
  • Contact: justin_randolph@sil.org
La Asociación LatinoAmericana de EtnoArtes (ALDEA)